Service Station Kiyv


Welcome to VIP-AG, where professionalism, experience, and quality come together to provide the best care for your car. With 20 years of experience in the automotive service industry, our team of specialists holds an impeccable reputation because we know how to maintain the reliability, safety, and comfort of your vehicle. Your trust is our core value, and we always prioritize it. You can rest assured that your car will receive a comprehensive and professional approach. We strive for the highest quality standards, so in our range, you will find both original parts and quality alternatives. We ensure that your car always operates at its full potential.

Advantages of Servicing at VIP-AG

Warranty for all types of work

VIP-AG values customer trust and its reputation. A warranty is provided for all types of work, valid for 6 months or 50000 km mileage

20 years of experience

The VIP-AG team of specialists with extensive experience knows all the intricacies of working with different car brands and guarantees high-quality work.

Comprehensive servicing

VIP-AG offers a wide range of services, covering maintenance for cars of all brands. You have access to 2 large workshops with 17 bays equipped with 5-ton lifts for armored vehicles.

Original parts

At VIP-AG, you can always purchase original parts for virtually any car brand.

Waiting Area

A comfortable lounge on the second floor of our car service where you can relax and observe the service process through the windows.

Convenient location

Only 5 minutes from the Dorohozhichi or Shulyavska metro stations and you are on VIP-AG! We are waiting for you at the address: st. Oranzhereyna 3-P