Service Station Kiyv


VIP-AG service station is your reliable partner in the world of car service! We offer a wide range of services for the maintenance of your car. Our team of highly qualified mechanics and specialists is ready to provide the best service to keep your car in perfect condition. From regular maintenance to complex repairs, we take care of everything related to your car. Entrust your car to our experts and you will get maximum comfort, safety and pleasure from every trip!

Manual suspension diagnostics

Suspension diagnostics on a stand

Computer diagnostics

Engine diagnostics

Diagnostics of car electrical equipment

Checking the battery

Diagnosing the air conditioner

Diagnostics of the chassis

Checking the paintwork

Computer diagnostics

Checking and adjusting the camber

Endoscopy of engine cylinders

Changing the oil with a filter in the engine

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission

Replacing the air filter

Replacing the cabin filter

Replacing the fuel filter

Changing the oil in the transfer case

Changing the oil in the axles

Replacing the hydraulic fluid

Changing the cooling system fluid

Changing the brake fluid

Replacement of disc brake pads

Replacing drum brake pads

Replacing brake discs

Replacing the brake drums

Check the runout of the brake discs

Test braking forces on a test bench

Preventive maintenance of the brake calipers

Repair of brake calipers

Replacing the brake calipers

Replacing the brake lines

Repair of brake pipes

Replacing the brake hoses

Replacing the parking brake pads

Replacing the parking brake cables

Adjusting the parking brake

Pumping the brake system

Changing the brake fluid

Replacing steering wheel tips

Replacing the steering rods

Replacing the steering rack anthers

Replacing the power steering pump

Replacing the steering rack

Repair of the steering rack

Adjustment of wheel alignment angles (camber)

Replacing the stabilizer bushings

Replacing stabilizer rods

Replacing the levers

Replacement of ball bearings

Replacing the lever bushings

Replacing the rear suspension links

Replacing floating silent blocks

Replacing hub bearings

Replacing air shock absorbers

Replacing the shock absorbers

Replacing the upper shock absorber supports

Replacing the dustcovers and shock absorber bumpers

Replacing driveshafts

Repair of driveshafts

Replacing the CV joint dusters

Replacement of the ball screws.

Replacement of half axles

Replacement of axle seals

Replacing engine and gearbox supports

Replacing the clutch

Fuel pump pressure measurement

Replacing fuel pumps

Cleaning low-pressure nozzles without removing them

Cleaning and checking the low pressure nozzles

Replacing the spark plugs

Replacing the ignition coils

Replacing glow plugs

Engine compression measurement

Replacing the intake manifold gasket

Replacing the exhaust manifold gasket

Replacing the valve cover gasket

Replacing the front crankshaft oil seal

Replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal

Replacing the drive belt

Replacing the rollers and tensioners of the drive belts

Replacing the timing belt / chain

Repair of the engine

Replacing the engine radiator

Replacing the thermostat

Replacing the cooling system pump

Replacing cooling system hoses and connections

Checking the tightness of the cooling system

Blowing out the cooling system radiator

Diagnostics of the air conditioning system

Refueling the air conditioning system

Antibacterial cleaning of the air conditioner

Replacing the air conditioner compressor

Replacing the radiator of the air conditioning system

Replacing the air conditioning system tubes

Cleaning the air conditioner radiator

Tire fitting and balancing of R10-23 wheels

Tire fitting and balancing of armored tires

Repair and rolling of wheel disks

Painting of wheel disks

Seasonal storage of tires

Replacing the battery

Charging the battery

Replacement of headlights, lanterns, bulbs

Replacement of window lifters

Replacing engine and heating fans

Change the sound signals

Replacing spiral cables

Diagnostics and repair of electrical wiring

Adjusting the headlights

Lubrication and maintenance of manhole covers

Replacing the exhaust pipe corrugation

Replacing the muffler / resonator

Repair of the exhaust system (welding)

Replacement of fasteners, exhaust system gaskets

Car wash, car cleaning

Application of liquid or solid wax to the car body

Dry cleaning of the car interior

Blackening of rubber

Car window tinting

Partial or complete coating with anti-gravel film

Car glass replacement